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Even though bathroom decorating continually evolves over time into more high-end and luxurious fixtures, old-time styles from earlier eras are actually making a big comeback and are extremely sought after. If you love the idea of restoring the look of your bathroom back to its original beauty and design, call Adams Refinishing and let us show you how we can make that happen! Customers in the Orlando and Tampa areas have continued to rely on us because they see that no demolition has to be done to achieve their desired new look. With regular contractors, they will suggest ripping everything out and starting from scratch with all new fixtures — costing you time and thousands of dollars. We don’t want to see you go through all of that if you are simply looking for a new and improved updated look to the bathroom that you already love.

Tampa bathroom remodelers Adams Refinishing can give your entire bathroom a cost effective makeover — or even just fix your sink, tub or countertops that may be worn out, cracked and hard to clean. We also can refinish your claw foot bathtub, pedestal sink and whirlpool tub — as well as install ceramic tile, strip and remove paint and perform expert grouting and caulking service.

This is just a small sampling of what Adams Refinishing can do for your bathroom! When it comes to Tampa bathroom remodeling, Adams Refinishing provides top quality servcie. For a full list of services, please call our friendly customer service and find out more.

Tampa Bathroom Remodeling Tampa Bay Fl.Bathroom Remodelers | Adams Finishing

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